Kira  By Missie

Name: Kira Bexley

Age: died a mortal death at the age of 26. Immortal age:
114 years old.

Description: Kira has long flowing red hair, bright blue
eyes and stands 5' 7", and she’s always been fair skinned.
To deceive her victims she often wears facial makeup and a
long flowing cloak with a hood.

History: Born in London, England in 1859. She's always been fond of reading, horse back riding and the theater. Her family was wealthy and owned a plantation on the outskirts of London. In her mortal life, she had one great love, Peter, an actor at the London Theater, she was intrigued with him the moment she laid eyes on him, and they lived together in an East End London flat for 5 years, until he crushed her heart by seeing another woman.

One night while strolling through the theater district, a
tall man approached her and asked if she would like a ride
home in his carriage, and although she didn't know this
man, she thought it was kind of him to offer, she climbed
into the carriage next to the man, they talked of various
subjects, until the man asked her if she ever wondered what it would be like to live forever, and that he could give
her that gift, by simply kissing her. The man could see the
sadness in her eyes, he offered her everything, and before
she could respond to his offer, he grabbed her and gave her his immortal kiss. She now roams the London streets,
looking for prey to seduce. She's lonely and resents the
immortal that gave her the gift and is longing for a great
love again.

Morgan Trent by Lyra


Morgan Trent
Age: mid-twenties

Occupation: slayer

Physical description:  approximately 5'5", shoulder-length golden hair that's always put into a tight bun when she's working, physically well built and trained in many styles of martial arts as well as stealth, weapons, and vehicle training.  Silver eyes that turn all different colors of the spectrum when seen in different lighting.

History:  Watched family and fiance killed by Vampires and barely
escaped with her own life.  Spent 3 days in a coma from loss of blood during the fight, but was never actually bitten.  She has already hunted down and destroyed the particular vampires responsible for that, but she continues her crusade to rid the world of every last one of them.  She practices Wicca but
never throws curses or negative spells because she believes strongly that karma will cause them to come back to her threefold.

Personality:  She is cold and brutally honest.  Jaded to violence, yet she can still cry over the loss of her loved ones.  She has a deep passion that only comes out in certain situations and is sometimes beyond her control. She is never physically violent with anyone besides vampires, but she can win a battle of wits in an argument any ol' day of the week.  She has nothing but
compassion for the innocent, and once she has pledged her loyalty to someone or something, the only way she loses that loyalty is through her own death.

More To Come!!!