Hello Newsgroup!

                 I've loaded this page for all of you only... a place to share
                        some of my PSP toys that I have found.

                        The first program is Tile 99..it is a tiling program...I've
                        not played with it much but it does some pretty cool things!
                        It is a stand alone program. Includes all help files.


                The second is called The Texturizer...I would be lost without
                       this filter! Install it into your plug ins folder in PSP. I've also
                       included a zip of PSD textures. Make a folder in PSP and call
                       it psd files. *note* You must keep the .psd extension on
                       these!  Here's the url for a tutorial.. I used this filter to create
                       the background on this page!

                                                       PSD Files

                        If any of you haven't got the Fantastic Paint Machine
                        download it now! This is one killer filter! Load it just
                        like any other filter. Here's the URL..

                                         Fantastic Paint Machine

                I also have Illusionae, it is a stand alone program. You
                      can create patterns for tiles and such with this. I've
                      included the url for you to read about it.



                 Also, thanks to Donna from Fly By Night Graphics
                        I can include Primus, a filter from the makers of Blade
                        Pro. Load into your plug in folder just like you would
                        Blade Pro.


                        As I find more, I will upload them here and notify you all
                        in a newsgroup post. **NOTE** I have done this page as
                        a matter of convienience to my PSP Tubes Newsgroup
                        friends and by no means imply that I am the creator of these
                        toys. This page is only open to the newsgroup.
                        Have fun and Happy Downloading!