The  Vampiress:
            Kira's Story

                   By :


I awaken from my dark grave to skies black with silvery sparkles. How I was always wished for blue skies, the kind you get lost in for hours and hours hypnotize by the billowy clouds.

But, these eyes have not seen those skies for over a hundred years. For I am not mortal, I am something most people can't comprehend or even believe exists, except for in the novels, the movies, and all
those ghoulish tales all mortal children are told at Halloween.

                  Chapter One

Twenty-seventh of August, 1999.

How shall I start this story, shall I start by introducing myself? Shall I start by telling you, who gave me their immortal kiss?

I feel an introduction is in order.

My name is Kira Bexley, I was born in London in the year of 1859, I came from a well known family, for I was to be a duchess, but, my mortality was taken from me at the age of 26.

I was unlike other young women in my time, I enjoyed the challenge of learning new things, experiments thrilled me, my family would always find me in our library reading various fictious novels and my weakness was the theatre.

Most young women at my age and stature were married off to the most available and wealthy men in London. I was the "black sheep" in my family, when I was 19, I ran off with an actor from the London
Theatre, I was so in love, I disobeyed my family and up until I was 24 I lived with Peter in an East London flat.

My family was so shocked by my "unaccepted behavior", that they swore I would never marry or have a family of my own, "for no man with proper upbringing would marry a harlot", as myself. But, social status meant nothing to me, and still to this day, I do not deny or regret anything I did in
my mortal life.

As far as my appearance is concerned, my eyes are of blue color, the same color as the sky above, my hair is long flowing waves of auburn, I'm of average height and very deceiving to the mortals who cross my path.

And those that cross my path,  always end up in their own dark graves, for I feast upon them  until their unwillingness end.

One would think I would grow accustom to this life, but in my darkest hour, I dread it all, the hunger, the dark skies, the loneliness, I receive no pleasure from the mortals that I feed upon, its just a necessity to me, such as breathing is to you.

Quite often I find myself recalling on my youth and my time I spent with Peter, my family home, all those grand books I've read. Sometimes I wish I would of died of natural causes, the loneliness is unbearable sometimes, all those things mortals tend to take for granted, are the things I miss the most.

First of September, 1999

I've decided there's only one thing that will make my existence livable,if you will. I want to find a companion (as we immortals call those dear to us) I had a dream of a tall, long dark hair, green-eyed creature last night, he was so intriguing, so beautiful, I must find him....

I must love again..........

                       Chapter Two

Fourteenth of October 1885
The crisp autumn air filled my room that morning. The white lace curtains blowing in the breeze, from the window I had left open the night before.  I could hear the servants downstairs making my mother's morning tea and breakfast,which usually consisted of 2 hard-boiled eggs and toast.

I laid in bed and pictured my father drinking his morning tea while reading from the morning Messenger, while my mother, who sat at the other end of the table, was complaining about the servants.

"I don't understand why it takes so long for Marianne to bring my tea?!" She would yell, while Marianne and the other servants scurried around the kitchen.

"Miles, we must do something about this!"

"I should have my tea the moment I sit down at this table!"

"Yes dear, my father would reply in a very monotone voice,not even bothering to look up from his newspaper.

You must understand, my mother was very unlike myself, she expected everything, and wanted it immediately. I don't think she ever raised a hand in her life to do anything for herself.

 My father, who, like my mother, grew up wealthy,
but preferred to do things for himself. I would always come downstairs to breakfast after my mother
had finished. My father and I would sit for awhile every morning and discuss current events.

This day was no different, except I couldn't get this dream out of my head; I had the night before. This dream was so frightening, so mysterious; I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all.

My father knew right away that something was bothering me.

"Kira, you obviously have something on your mind, is it anything you would like to talk about?"

Shaking my head to wake myself from my daze.
"I had a strange dream last night father."
"It was as if I was seeing my future"

"Well, what did you see?" His eyebrows raised in curiosity.

"I saw my own death, I believe, but I'm not quite sure how it all happened."

"Your death?"

"Yes, it was so strange, one moment I was having a nice conversation with a handsome man and the next I was laying on the ground- dead."

"Sounds more like a nightmare my dear."

"I wouldn't worry about it, or let it cause you any
discomfort.""Obviously, you gone to bed last night with something on your mind."

"You did not see your future in your dream, it meant

"Yes" I said."Maybe that's it."

"I have been thinking a lot lately about my future and my plans, perhaps, that's what the dream meant."

"So, what's your plans for today?" My father asked.

"Well I received a message from Laura last night."

I handed my father a piece of white parchment paper that Laura had wrote her message on.

Dear Kira,

As you know, my brother and his wife, Marie are in town on holiday. They had purchased tickets for tonight's play at the theater. But due to unfortunate circumstances, they are unable to attend. Marie has become quite mysteriously ill. So, in return, my brother was kind enough to offer the tickets to me. If you are interested in going, please meet me in front of the theater at 7pm.



"I hope there's nothing serious wrong with Marie." My
father said.

"I'm not sure." I said. "But, I think I will send some
flowers while I'm out today looking for a dress."


"Please, sign the card from all of us." He said.

"I definitely will father, I must go now, have a good day and I will see you later tonight."

I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. At the time, I didn't realize it would be the last time I saw him.

                                   Chapter Three

   London Market-unusually busy for an autumn midday. The sun shining down brightly and reflecting off of the fruit and vegetable vendor's carts, that lined the brick paved streets. In the distance I could hear Big Ben bellowing out its chimes. While the
vendors yelled out to every passerby, trying to persuade shoppers to buy their produce. Ahh.what a wonderful sight!

Not losing my concentration in all that was going on around me, I came across a flower vendor, with a beautiful array of different flowers.

"Good day Madame, May I help you?"

"Yes, sir, I am looking for a boutique of flowers for an ill friend. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Absolutely, what about these? "

He handed me a boutique of peach and cream colored dahlias with an array of greenery.

"Great!  I'll take these!" I said.

I handed the man some money, thanked him for his courtesy and made my way to "Elizabeth's Dress Shop".

Elizabeth was standing in the center of the shop checking out her new shipment of dresses that had just arrived from Paris when she looked up and greeted me.

Hello Kira, how are you today?"

"Just fine thanks." I said while walking over to look at her new arrivals.

"You wouldn't happen to have anything there in green velvet would you?"

"As a matter of fact, this one just came in!" Elizabeth said.

The dress was everything I had imagined a green velvet choker that was attached to a white lace bodice, and a flowing velvet skirt. I immediately grabbed it out of her hands and asked to try it on.

While I was trying on the dress, I could hear Elizabeth talking to her assistant, Michelle.

"Have you heard about Laura Huxley's sister-in-law? Michelle asked.

"No!" Replied Elizabeth.

"Well, I've heard that she's come down with a terrible illness, apparently she's lost a lot of blood, and the doctor's not quite sure how -- its all very mysterious!"

"How bizarre!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "But you know, that family is quite strange, they've always had health problems! I try to avoid them like the plague!"  She laughed.

"Now, if you ladies are done with your gossiping, I will take this dress!!" I said, stunning the both of them, they had no idea I was standing right behind them.

"Of course Miss. Bexley, will there be anything else?"  Elizabeth said, quite apologetic.

"If you have a pair of gloves to match the dress, I shall take those too, and the next time, I hear you talking nonsense about anyone, I will be sure that your business suffers for it!"

"Yes, Miss Bexley."  Elizabeth said, not looking up from her purchase book.

She handed me the dress and I was on my way home when I had seen Laura walking into a garment store.

"Stop the carriage, Chamberlain, my friend just went into that garment shop, and I wish to speak to her."

Chamberlain stopped the carriage and I yelled out to Laura.

"Kira!" "What are you doing?"  She said.

"I've just bought a dress for tonight, and some flowers, for Marie, how is she doing by the way?"

"Not good at all, the poor dear, the doctor has prescribed a large dosage of a narcotic, to relieve her pain!"

"That's terrible! Well, do me a favor and take this boutique of flowers to her for me?"

"Definitely, and I will meet you in front of the theater at 7pm sharp!"

"Okay see you then," I said.

"And Kira.Don't be late!"  Laura yelled.

                        Chapter 4

                    The Stranger

As I got back into the cottage to head back home, I could feel a presence watching me, as I turned around, a handsome man was standing on the corner looking at me. I felt a connection to this man, although, I didn't remember meeting him.  I told Chamberlain to wait and walked over to the stranger.

"Good day sir"

"Good day Miss Bexley."  He said.

"So, we have met?"

"No, while you were in Elisabeth's Dress Shop, I over heard her say your name."

"I didn't notice you sir, is there something I can help you with? I noticed you watching me."

"I over heard you say that you were going to the theatre tonight?" The stranger remarked without answering my question.

"Is it the theatre in Piccadilly Square?"

"Yes sir, it is."

"Well, perhaps I shall see you there, good day Miss Bexley."

As the man walked away, a chill came over me, something was warning me to stay clear of this man, although I must admit, I was attracted to him.

Back at home, I preceded to get ready for the took close to an hour to get home and I had very short time left  to meet Laura in front of
the theater.

I slipped the green velvet dress on and ran to the mirror to fix my hair. Once dressed and hair complete, I asked Chamberlain to pull the carriage
around front.

To Be Continued.....