Eternal Embrace:
                                 I'll Love You Forever
                                                 By Spikey


Before I start to tell you my story I should tell you who I am.For those of you who already know me go onto the first chapter.But for those who don't stay a while and let me tell you about your hero for this book.
This is a story about lost love.Mine.A love that had been hidden for two hundred years and came back to haunt me in my dreams in the late 1990's.

I had been quite depressed and distant from my children for decades by this point.I lead my children because they needed a leader and there was no other to do so.Buy unlike many of my children,the death of my love had left me with only two emotions,hate and desire. Hate for those who had killed her and desire to kill them.Together these two forces ruled my small world.Even after I had killed those that had done it,I didn't feel any better.

I watched in silent anger and jealousy as many of my children fell in love and went off to live happily,perhapse forever.What good was it to be over six feet in height with long,silken black hair,have smooth pale white skin and perpetually pondering blue eyes,to attract love when you can only think of a person that is long dead?

But I don't want to say everything now. What do I like to do?I like to watch to stars and think.I love reading and writing poetry,especially Edgar Allen Poe and Y.B Yeats.I love philosophy and art.I like celtic music as well as some heavy metal for moods when I want to kill someone.I like the heat of a warm fire but never get to close (fire is one of the only things that can kill a vampire).I go where I want and do what I please.No one can stop me when I want to do something.

I can fly,I have the strenght of an uncountable number of men,move at the speed of light and hear people a mile or more away.I drink blood because I need it in order to live.I could probably live without it now due to my age but the temptation is unbearable and my fangs become anxious if they go for a couple of nights without any.I can also hypnotize people.

Now this may seem like luxuary life to some.Speed,power,eternal life.But it's not all that it seems.There are many downfalls to being one of my kind.I have watched as those whom I most cherish age and die.I have seen times that I loved change and become extinct except in museums.That it the theme of this book.Lost love.Yes you heard right.Love.That is a large minconception about vampires.That we don't love.But I assure you dear reader,we do.Very much and often we loose that love.Some of us have bad habits of falling in love with a mortal but not wanting to kill them in the process of bringing them across.So instead we watch as they grow old and decrepit and die.

And when this happens many do not go on.They throw themselves into the sun or let a slayer(you find out about them in Chapter 5)stake them.I've even heard of vampires setting themselves on fire to escape the pain of their loss. Self preservation due to my vampiric nature has kept me from doing the same.As well as my hunches that if I die than so does the vampire species.

Now if I sound like someone who you want to read about than carry on.If not than add this book to yourshelf for further reading along with the dozens of others not to your liking.For those who carry on,I hope that you find something useful out of the centuries of experience that went into this book.I will try not to dissapoint you.I should let you know that this is the first time that I have deliberatly tried to remember what happened to me in the last six centuries so if I am continually correcting my displaced memories you will have to forgive me.

                Now with that done.Let's turn the page shall we?